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Lessons :

All the lessons are private and personalized:

- Price: 100.-$ for a session + more displacement.

Possibility to give collective lessons (maximum 6)

- Price: 80.-$ for a session+ more displacement.


please contact me.

Workshops :

It is possible for you to organise an introductory clinic.

This first clinic, Behavioural reading of the horse, is an introduction to my approach to working with horses in freedom,  to my philosophies and how I work with the horses.

“How would it be, to put any constraint at your horse? If you decided that for one day, not to hold him, not to restrain him, lead him  nor to ride him?  If you let him fully express  himself?

You would be astonished to see all that he can say to us if we learn how to listen to him.

My vision of training in freedom starts there, far from any conditioning.

To train a horse is a selfish act. If we are aware of this we are already ahead.

My goal is to help you to find a delicate balance. ”

The clinic can be held at your premises, depending on available facilities, or at your riding school.

For further details e-mail me under “contact”.  I will then contact you regarding the process, which is straight forward.

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