Winchikala’s Pictures contest! 2013!

Hello every body, 

The idea:

A picture contest with you and your horse!

The goal:

Trying to meet each horse lover around the world! And to put a face on the Winchikala’s people and horses!

The use:

I will take the right to use your pictures on my website and maybe in some of my movies, as a professional use, don’t panic, it will be only on a positive way!!!

The topic:

“Your horse return to the wild!”

please send a good quality pictures!

The rule:

No rules!

Where to send it?:

Ideally to the facebook page :

or by e-mail :

the time:

From now until the 1st of may 2013!

It’s a symbolic contest! The winner will be choose for my website! Because you are already all winners!!!!!!!

And if possible the winner, win a long private lesson with me. (I travel all over the world so don’t be afraid.)

Esh Pewa !


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  1. Popova

    Its beautiful. It’s very emiaoontl but it speaks feelings. Which i think its very pure and the effects made it more mixed but it’s all together beautiful. But may i ask? what was she thinking?


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