There is no “natural horse riding”…

Natural horse riding…

Of course! What can be more natural for our equine friends
than having a human (badly) seated on their dorsal spines!
I often hear people speak about my work (or theirs) in these terms.

I must admit that it irritates me… I have been fighting this kind of speech forever. There is nothing natural to
work a horse from the ground as well as from his back, should one use a bit or not, it doesn’t matter at all. Just like natural trimming exists only in the wild!

The words natural and ethological are excessively used in our equine world, why?

Well because it helps sell, it seduces our small consciences which lower their guard. In order to have a good conscience, precisely. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you want to have a natural “hobby, art, leisure activity” with horses, then try observing free horses while making yourself tiny and silent.

There isn’t much natural in our domestic horses anymore, even their features have been modified all the time by mankind according to his wishes.
We go hacking, do competition, free circus, haute ecole, grooming, breeding, therapy, but I can assure you that nothing in all this has anything natural from our horses point of view. Even if we have the impression to do it gently…

We are bad or good’s riders … that’s all folks!

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