French Wild Horse’s Mission 2013


16th April 2013
“Following a change in the management direction, the Conservatoire d’espaces
naturels de Bourgogne (Burgundy’s Natural territories conservatory) wishes to take out Hackam, Patouche and Hatok,
three Konik polski stallions that graze on the site “les Proux” on the commune of Mézilles (89) in Puisaye. These
stallions were born on this 15 hectares of land and have never left it. Since more than 8 years, they live in semi-
wilderness. Therefore, the conservatory has started a partnership with Virginie Bernhard, horse trainer and equine
behaviourist, in order to be able to approach the horses and train them with the aim of offering them a possible future
under new horizons.”
Maxime Jouve

chargé de missions,

Cellule scientifique CEN-Bourgogne

Tarpan project – part 2

If your dream is to approach, help, or even communicate with a wild horse, this page is for
3 beautiful wild Tarpan stallions are waiting for us!!! Indeed, the Conservatoire d’Espaces Naturals
de Bourgogne has contacted me to eventually host these 3 wonderful horses. Without the necessary financial means, I had
to refuse. They were however very motivated to give me this fragile mission, as they didn’t know to whom to turn them
to and how these horses would be treated elsewhere. Their concern for the well-being of these 3 horses touched me and
above all… motivated me to help them!
I would love to keep them just for me, but let’s be lucid, and then…
I had an idea!
Knowing that you ALL dream of working with wild horses.
I propose to create a “Wild Tarpan (horses) Team” for Spring and Summer 2013!

Explanation: for a certain amount of money, you could register to the “WTT” which would give
you the possibility to participate to the socialization and training of these wild horses in Bourgogne (France) with my help.

The “package” would include a certain number of private or group courses and the extremely rare (if not unique)
adventure to work with real wild horses in the middle of Europe!
The “packages” are adaptable to each!!
The adventure begins with a team for the capture in their reserve in France, then the transportation to a local riding center.
Then there is the fragile phase of first contacts with humans, in this case, us.
The phase of desensitization to our human world, and the trust building phase.
And then, the training as per the needs of their future home.
Knowing that these horses are destined to find a new pasture home by the beginning of Summer.
Possibility for the most motivated to participate to all phases and or to become the owner of one of them or of the 3.
I will be taking care of the logistic and of your apprenticeship.
Your registrations will allow this beautiful adventure, they will finance: the stables rental, transportations, food, administrative costs, miscellaneous veterinarian costs & material, and my teaching.
And there will also be the option of helping the “team” financially without necessarily an active participation. Thank you in
advance for the donors.

The aims:
Learn and experiment with wild horses
Help these 3 horses with an uncertain future
Improve your training work with other horses different from yours
The opportunity to get together and meet elsewhere than behind computer’s screens
Live a unique adventure.
Esh Pewa
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