Exercice n°1 Winchikala

1st exercise:


I have here a small exercise for you, you obviously aren’t require to respond but I assure you that it takes you that catches of consciences.

The goal is not to make you feel like a nasty torturer, but to make us see our daily life from a new angle.

Take a blocking note, answer by writing point by point as if you explain it to a young child who does not understand why you love this animal in this way.

If you dry, pick up later but try to respond to all.

I returned to my childhood to formulate you! As the truth comes out of our children’s mouths?
Quiz 1:


1 ° Why do you like horses? And less… pigs?

1 ° bis why eat you pigs?

2 ° Why do you own a horse?

3 ° why ride you on their back?

4 ° why draw it their head with this rope?

4 ° bis and by this same rope, attach his head to a wall?

5 ° why you put him this iron into his mouth?

6 ° why you talk about him as it was a human?

7 ° why you hold this whip (or this stick) in the hand?

8 ° why is it locked in this little box?

9 ° why he can’t play and live with all the others?

10 ° why it has nails in his feet?

11 ° why you don’t let him do what he really wants?


Esh Pewa


Virginia Bernhard

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