Episode N°2, Goodbye to “Saint” and leaving New Zealand

My last days with “Saint”, the little wild Kiwi horse. Unfortunately, I lost a few working days. I had planned to spend some days visiting the area but ended up caught in Christchurch’s cathedral precisely during the earthquake that ravaged the city. A rather traumatic experience, that have change my plans with Saint’s training…

Back at Hanmer Springs I had only two days left to work with Saint, reviewing with him all the freshly acquired knowledge and further strengthen his relation with Celia, so they both would be able to develop an harmonious collaboration.

Celia can now take all four hoofs and clean them, put on his halter, pat him and lead him to the pen, brush him entirely, take his tongue… From now on, their relation can only grow.

He is now following me on his own across our little gymkhana trail. Think back only three weeks ago ! Saint can now live together with humans.

Thanks to the “magic stick” it seems so easy… But try to wave a riding-whip under the nose of your horse; he will hardly come toward you or step over obstacles!

Trust is at the base of a healthy relation with a your horse. How to develop it? Forget for a while all what you think you knew about him. Start from scratch with very basic exercises. Observe yourself! What gesture do you use? How do you move about? Listen to your voice. What are you saying? Does he understand? Are your instructions clear and simple? Are you consistent?

You will be surprised to see how both of you can benefit from such experiences.

A curious neighbor.

Cecilia had to leave, but eventually we found some time with Kate for a set of ridding sessions without saddle, using a bridle “à la mode Cheyenne”! Saint can now turn left and right, stop, lower his head and go back on step. That’s quite enough for three lessons.

Don’t forget : Once the horse understands the exercise, you must stop and not repeat it over and over. He most certainly got the message… and give him a small reward.

Scout, Kate’s horse has a serious problem with the hindquarter. The last owner decide to put him into the trailer by pushing him inside with a tractor…so he break his hips…We gave him a couple of massage sessions and working on the ground. According to the last news, he is now giving his back legs calmly (previously he was kicking) and is willing to enter the trailer! But don’t tell him he looks like a giraffe, he is very thin-skinned!

Leon is likely to be a future rider for Saint. (We have plenty of time) ;-)


Five minutes before my departure, Saint, makes his show, just for the pleasure to show what he did learn!


Just keep the posture for a last shot…

… and off, on the road again!

Kaikoura with myriads of dolphins and lots of sperm-whales.

Bye! … and don’t’ forget… horses are always right!

See you later new zealand..


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