Virginie and the Przewalski horses!

Here I finally ready to give you some explanations on my work with the Przewalski horses.

The Jura Park (in Vallorbe, Switzerland) asked my help for a rare and complex
They own 4 Przewalski mares who live peacefully in large fie

lds, however they don’t move much and, on top of this, the ground is very humid.
Their hooves don’t get worn out correctly. And this has been the case for 3 years now.

One year ago, they had to perform blood tests on two other mares, therefore as per normal shot them with a hypodermic gun to put them to sleep (with the help of veterinarians) in order to be able to treat them. One of them didn’t get on her feet anymore: despite her good health and age, she died of a heart attack.
It happens more often than you would believe with this breed of horses, they are very wild and have a weak heart.Because of this, the opportunity is given to me to try to do something, so that we can finally treat them without risking losing one or more.My speciality being the horses’ “emotional management”, I have decided to spend my Summer with them and socialise them without desensitising them .To make things more difficult, I have decided to try to do it without tying them in any way, i.e. without ropes, halters, and only with the existing fences of their field. So as to respect their wild nature and to avoid injuring or stressing them.

I therefore can only count on my knowledge, my patience and time.It took them: (3 mares out of the 4):
1 week to no longer panic
2 weeks to tolerate me
3 weeks to approach me
4 weeks to eat what I brought
5 weeks for me to stand up
6 weeks for touch them everywhere
7 weeks to give me their front legs
8 weeks to nap with me
9 weeks to let me do an in intravenous injection…And all of this freely.Next Tuesday is a big day, we will try to trim one’s hooves for real. Please wish me that I don’t put too much pressure on myself.

Tuesday was interesting, the mares let me give them an injection and the confidence was here!
Unfortunately, the product was not asleep them completely, so we couldn ‘t really trim them but we
where able to make a better diagnostic of what cares they do need.
Now, the scientist are taking care of the case, and I feel like I ‘ve done my job and hope so much
that the following steps are going to help them…


Confiance, Pikatchou, Hope, Snipper, I love you…
Esh Pewa

Find out more on the Przewalski mares on the Facebook page “Lecture comportementale du cheval”.

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And thanks to Sonia for her support Soins holistiques

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