Epilogue,                             (sorry for the bad translation,if someone wants to help …)
I have walked the planet from East to West and North to South to look for difficult, traumatized, and wild horses in the first goal to be in great difficulty.
I like the challenges. Why?
May be because they force us to stop and think before acting…
Or even because they push our limits and we are looking for this border since our childhood?
And after this limit, that is it? Or what are we trying  to prove?
May be the fact that you really need to (be) prove anything? A certain tranquility or dare I even speak of a certain personal serenity?
I’m at a turning point in my life, one of those or one really realizes why it made certain choices, why this job, why horses… riding or horses?
I first made this job because I was looking for to flee my fellow humans. This to work some time then, the reality I was rattrappee. There were always humans behind each horse. Then I tried to teach humans to ride  horses, rather futile task in my eyes. I always think if me I could, anyone could, so I decided to teach them to make them even their horses, and then, finally, I have accepted a certain reality. Everyone does not have this desire to understand and or to question himself…
Once the mourning of increased awareness, I finally took a real pleasure to teach humans and I began much less pressure from their results. I taught that has a handful of motivated that seeks like me to question and really understand their animals.
The fruit of my long search finally takes all its meaning, because I finished my therapy. I am a human…
In recent years to spend my time to better listen to humans, I have finally opened the doors of the communiquation with the horses!
I finally understands better. And what they have to say is not very funny. But it is a reality and I must accept it.
But what can I do with this reality?
I am a horse trainer… I am riding teacher … I was Manager of a riding centre for 10 years… I have trained more than 400 horses and as many humans in all this Equestrian  World…
All this for what? To me is that I’ve never really helped a horse in my life!
I just made the job easier for owners and riders…
Of course that I have diagnosed many pain who have been cared for, I also restored confidence and calmed some souls but I also trained  hundreds of horses to be riden on their backs and released trust animals so they can start competition and trail ride again…
I was a fish saler… You’re hungry? I sold you a fish… it’s easy, fast, you get immediately what you want, in Exchange I get money, gratitude and a client satisfied because without too much effort he had what he wanted.
I tends to become a fishing teacher … of course, it’s much less rewarding at the time because most people do not really want to learn to fish… and especially, they are hungry right now, they do not like to get wet or even less wait. In Exchange  I would receive less smiles and less than entousiastme…
This is not  important.
Whether you like it or not, you are all horse’s trainers, good or bad, your horses depend entirely on each of your fact and gestures, your decisions, your intentions and your reactions.
It should have no more horse’s trainers , but only human’s trainers!.
Virginia Bernhard

“When a horse refuses an exercise, this means that you didn’t teach him right.” If a horse refuse to do somethings this means that you never teached him. “A.N.

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